• My Manic Mind
    Posted Tue Apr 20 2021

    Well would you look at that! What’s better than some fresh merch? How about a live album to go along with it?

    Back in January, when Dalton was visiting, we got together and recorded these songs and have kept them in our back pocket for a bit. We’re working on some new music but wanted to release some alternative versions to some songs you may already know. Available on all platforms today, or within the next few days.

    Check it out, pick up some new merch, and have an awesome day!

    https://merch.mymanicmind.com/ https://mymanicmind.bandcamp.com/

  • My Manic Mind
    Posted Mon Jan 25 2021

    Did an acoustic session on the first day of the new year. Played a few songs and wanted to share this one with you guys. "Motives Me More" from Chasing Stars.


My Manic Mind is an American Indie Rock band from Watertown, NY founded by singer-songwriter and pianist Quory Soluri. It consists of Soluri, a multi-instrumentalist and producer Dalton Sutton.

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